Why Social Rejection is Good

The Outcasts of Society

This is an article written for people with lives that have been hard from a social context. It's for those who have faced near constant rejection. The people who can't connect with anyone. We are the outcasts of our own society.

Why don't people like you?

There's a large number of reasons, here's a few:

  • More physically unattractive than average
  • Smarter than most people
  • More emotionally sensitive than most
  • Have really big feet relative to our body, like I'm talking size 16 men's shoes
  • Excessive flatulence
  • More physically attractive than average
  • Less intelligent than most people
  • Have really tiny feet, so much so that your feet look closer to cat paws
  • Less emotionally sensitive than most, almost sociopathic

Notice something weird about our list?

For every item, there is another item on the opposing side of it's spectrum.

Except for excessive flatulence. A failure to crop dust your mom's beef stew across the room every 5 seconds is a welcome change.

This is why it is true that the biggest part of connecting with someone is finding commonality with that person. They don't know anyone but themselves, & connection is largely found in commonality.

It's much harder for someone to understand you if they can't understand what you're going through, or what you might be feeling. It's not their fault. It's just a gap of knowledge.

This means that if you have a major characteristic that makes you different than the majority of people, it's going to be harder to find people you connect with. This is actually a good thing. Hear me out.

The Benefits of Social Isolation

Being poised to view the more painful side of life can be one of the most beneficial things you will ever experience. Sometimes being forced to see the truth is the only way to find what's real.

If the pain wasn't there, you'd be able to turn away. This is why the truth frequently lies outside of happiness. Truth is usually located near pain. Pain causes you to learn, and it's absence means things should remain the same.

Finding & Using Your Power

So here comes diddly dabblin' ol you being rejected by every girl under the sun. Does it suck? You're god damn right it sucks. Is it a bad thing? No. This is your opportunity to find the truth no one is seeing.

Here's something great about the truth:

It makes you more effective at getting the results you want from the external world.

This is why pain and suffering exist in the first place. They force you to change, so you become more effective at living, and well, not dying.

Heed the call. Learn from the pain. You will be that much closer to attaining what really matters if you do.

How To Grow & Flourish

So, why is it that we don't get better at connecting with people if we are suffering from frequent rejection? I'd argue it's mainly due to avoidance.

If you're constantly being rejected, use that to your advantage. Bask in the rejection.

Very few people can do that. It's a hard skill to learn, most people can't find enough rejection for it to be consistent.

The cool thing about being an outcast is that you are essentially a forced leader of society.

Outcasts suck at conforming to the norms, which is why they don't get acceptance from groups.

Without the ability to connect with others through false beliefs, outcasts are forced to see the crevices of truth that lay behind the false beliefs that hold groups together.

Our lives are hard. Who do we have turn to? Here's a hint: It's you. You find the answers.

Reaching Greatness

Once you cultivate insights most people don't have, you become effective in ways that most people are not.

If most people think our planet is flat, then how in the fuck are they going to get to the moon? You and your scientific self know otherwise, and therefor you can discover calculus.

Believe it or not calculus saves lives. People now conform to calculus. It's taught in public schools. In fact, it's part of the core curriculum for most STEM degrees.

The people who moved calculus forward were in a similar position to you. So now, ask yourself, who has helped the most people: Elvis Presley or Isaac Newton?